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LED Signs

LED Signs offer great advertising space directed at very important consumers, the ones who are on the road and ready to turn onto your property and purchase something immediately.  Why not utilize your prime location for advertising. Rather than advertising to customers already in your store, bring in new cusomters and traffic to your location.  With other types of advertising potential customers have to be inspired to the point of getting off the couch and leaving the house to go to your location or remember to go later.

LED displays are an on-premise advertising medium, and intended to direct nearby traffic flows into your business location. Once you install an LED display at your business location, it becomes part of your business image. LED displays add a high tech, modern feeling to your business and help influence ‘impulse stops’ from passing motorists to do business with the store beneath the sign.  Not only do LED message centers generate a great return, they cost very little. The average cost to make 1000 impressions (CPM) on customers as they pass your business is less than 10% of the cost to reach them using any other advertising medium, including TV, radio or newspaper.