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GEOTAB GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our GEOTAB vehicle tracking system is perfect for monitoring the location history of any personal or business vehicle. Our system includes full mapping capabilities, and is able to display a live view of where a vehicle is, anywhere in Canada or the US and communicating by cell tower or optionally by satellite for coverage in remote areas.  In addition to a live view, there is also an historical view showing past stops and routes.  Various other information is available such as engine faults, harsh cornering, acceleration or braking and even seat belt status.  If an accident were to occur, very detailed information can be extracted showing exactly what happened.

GPS Tracking Interface

You can view data such as how long vehicles were stopped or idle, what address they were stopped at, if the vehicle exceeded the speed limit, or if it has moved across a geographic area decided by you (at the office or shop etc..).  Maintenance alerts can be setup to remind you of oil changes or scheduled repairs. There is also a dispatch feature which can allow you to send the closest vehicle in your fleet to an address. This system is easy to install and extremely low maintenance.